Nhi Duong | Account Executive

Nhi Duong

About Me

Hi, my name is Nhi! I have over 10 years sales experience in retail and wholesale. I understand the Non-QM lending process from origination to closing which I feel makes me a more effective Account Executive. I am passionate about the mortgage industry and love sharing my expertise with my clients to make the lending process as smooth as possible.

I am a detail oriented, outside-the-box thinker with excellent problem-solving ability. In 2021 these attributes helped me build a winning Non-QM team that produced huge volume and though I won an award for “Employee of the year,” the real award was the sense of success and personal accomplishment.

In my personal time I enjoy traveling, baking, and getting out into nature for some quality time hiking or riding my bike.

For more information on our rates and mortgage programs, please contact me a (773) 809-0284 or email nhi.duong@loanwyse.com. If you have a scenario with documents to run by me, please use my quote form – Get Quote

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